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We are super excited to be sending this to share an exciting Replenish Yoga and Wellness schedule.

August Weekly Classes
Please take a look as we have some changes on the August Class Schedule from July!
Did You Know?
We Do Private Yoga Events and Private Yoga Parties!

Let us roll out the yoga mat for you and your friends!  Schedule a Private Yoga Event, at your place or ours! Whether you are celebrating a child’s special day, hosting a night out with friends or looking for a new way to enjoy your dock, deck or yard, Replenish will bring something unique to your event!  We are quite flexible (yogi humor!).  

Call 286-4006 or email to secure a date and start planning your very own Private Yoga Party!
  • The baseline Replenish Party is $16.00 per person participating with a minimum amount of $96 per Home Party (minimum 6 attendees).
  • The Host receives a FREE 1 month pass for unlimited walk-in yoga classes at Replenish!
We put the om in HOME!

Seeking Karma Yoga Projects!

Replenish is blessed to be a part of the community and look to find ways to serve and share yoga. In addition to a number of projects with local school districts this winter and donations to local organizations for fundraising, we were super excited to share our Passport for Yoga program that gave people a chance to try yoga for FREE and donate to Friends Against Abuse (see article here) at the same time! We've joined together forces with the Borderland Humane Society and Niki Bergstrom's After School Program students to raise over $100 during our April Karma Yoga Event! 

We'd love to continue our mission to serve in our community. If you have an idea for a project please contact Christa Heibel.
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    Have you been searching for a WHOLE BODY
    Wellness Program?

    Look no further! 

    Replenish offers up to 15 classes a week
    for a wide variety of abilities.

    You will be lead by certified instructors
    who take pride in their one-on-one connections
    with students. We are here to keep you safe,
    while you achieve your goals!

    Check out our August Schedule Today!


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