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In-Depth Yoga Study
Teacher Training Yoga Alliance 200 Certification Program

Replenish is proud to announce the beginning of an In-depth Yoga Study Group for the second time in 2016 starting January and running through June 2016. The In-Depth Yoga Study will go far beyond poses – covering the eight limbs of yoga, meditation, breathing, anatomy, and much more. Courses will be held over seven intensive weekends, including some home study hours. Course work is designed to be educational and transformational by exploring yoga beyond what is often offered in the West. It is for anyone that wants to go deeper than just a stretch yoga class at a fitness center. This study is about the Eastern practice of right living, poses on the mat, breathing and meditation for balance ON and OFF the mat! It is about the physical practice of yoga and it’s hundreds of benefits to the body, but it is also about the mind•body•spirit connection, connection to our True Self – living life with greater ease and balance, health and wellness for all the parts of our physical, emotional, energetic, intellectual and spiritual parts.

Are you struggling to find balance and happiness? Does living with ease and grace seem elusive? Have you been searching for an opportunity to expand your yoga practice? Have you always wanted to teach the gift of yoga to others?

Realize Your Dreams
Upon completion of the program, students will receive TT200 certification recognized by the Yoga Alliance. This national recognition allows the student to register as a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT).

Teaching offers many options from the standard opportunities to studios, gyms, YMCAs, fitness centers, cruise lines and spas all over the world that offer yoga to their customers. Self-employment and business development are included in the course for these that want to be entrepreneurial with their certification. The sky is truly the limit as to how and where you can use your certification to teach and share yoga—some ideas are: working with small children, offering yoga to teenagers for wellness, troubled teems for hope, senior citizens for improved health and mobility, yoga for cancer survivors, yoga after PT for rehab, yoga for mental health patients, to yoga for athletes (NFL teams all have yoga instructors now!)

Whether you think you will ever want to teach yoga or not, your understanding and own practice and life will be changed forever!

Course Elements
  • Foundational yoga concepts
  • Identify how to connect and strengthen inner core muscles.
  • Full asana/posture training
  • Overview of yoga, history
  • Book reviews and discussions
  • Complete meditation review
  • Teaching techniques, language, lesson plan development and preparation
  • Written reports and home study
  • 10hr practicum
CH Jan 2015 (2)

School Owner/Director

Christa Heibel

Replenish Wellness & Yoga Studio is licensed as
a private career school with the Minnesota Office
of Higher Education pursuant to Minnesota Statutes,
sections 136A.821 to 136A.832. Licensure is not an
endorsement of the institution. Credits earned at
the institution may not transfer to all other institutions

  • There is an application fee of $75 at the time of application for processing.
  • Upon acceptance and formal enrollment, the student will complete a student contract and pay a down payment of $1,000 to secure and confirm enrollment and a place in the program.
Class Fees

Class fees are as follows and will be selected by the student at the time of contract:

  • $2,700 total if paid in full 45 days prior to the first day of class (25% Discount)
  • $3,240 total if paid in full 10 days prior to the first day of class. (10% Discount)
  • $3,600 if a payment plan is in place beyond the first day of class
  • All required readings books/e-books and additional supplies are at the cost of the student.
2018 Dates
(21 Sessions Total)

  • January 12-14
  • February 2-4
  • February 23-25
  • March 16-18
  • April 13-15
  • May 18-20
  • June 8-10


  • Friday Sessions (4pm to 10pm CST)
  • Saturday Sessions (8am to 9pm CST)
  • Sunday Sessions (7am to 3:30pm CST)

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