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Welcome to Replenish Yoga & Wellness!

We are thrilled to be here to serve you in mind, body and spirit!

There are unlimited reasons why people choose to do yoga, and we are here to honor you as you find your own. Some people seek yoga as a chance to regain balance and composure from a busy and stressful life. Others seek yoga to replenish after a hard workout, or are looking for a uniquely challenging workout. You may come to the practice with injury, stress, or worry in search of relaxation to ease pain and tension. For all of the reasons that brought you here - we are grateful you have chosen Replenish and we'd love to help in any way we can!

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About Us

Replenish Yoga & Wellness began with the vision of bringing health and wellness to the whole body. We approach each student with respect and honor for the truth of our students’ bodies. We understand that every body walking in the door comes with its own challenges, whether that be injury, tension, illness, or anxiety and depression. Each of our teachers have been brought to their own practice while honoring Susi Hately’s 8 Principles of Safe Movement.

What this means is that we care about:
  • Nourishing our students by encouraging a breathing practice and the connection to breath.
  • Keeping the spine in mind.
  • Connecting spinal movement with moving through the largest joints first.
  • Moving your joints through their optimum range of motion.
  • Creating core stability by boosting up your bandhas and breathing.
  • Encouraging relaxation and resiliency.
  • Insisting that you move through your pain-free range of motion.
  • Reminding ourselves that less is more.
By using these techniques we help our students to honor themselves in the truth of their own practice. That may mean that Replenish yoga isn’t trendy. We do not do magazine cover yoga poses. Our teachers focus on building a strong foundation with each student for their whole Self. In the Replenish Studio our focus isn’t just the bodies that we work out on the mat, we honor all 8 limbs of yoga.

As we exist in the world today, we no longer provide ourselves with the basics of self-care allowing the human race to become more and more disconnected from mind • body • spirit. We treat our students as the whole Self by operating from the 8 limbs of yoga, honoring each in its own practice. Replenish Yoga & Wellness is known for its whole health relation to the yoga practice. We honor that you do not have to be an experienced yogi to attend our classes as we practice a gentle Hatha yoga that honors the truth of where your body is on the mat on any given day. We believe that yoga isn’t just the postures on the mat, but rather a whole health system for the mind, body and spirit. The foundation of the studio is built on the 8 limbs of yoga.

We find that the process as a whole helps take the work of yoga off the mat and into our daily lives for a better healthy living. Our classes, workshops, and retreats focus on bringing you the necessary “tools” to regain balance in mind, body and spirit. We are predominately a Hatha yoga studio in which we practice the gentle style of yoga, but we do offer some Level II yoga classes in Vinyasa and Yoga Fit for seasoned yogis.

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