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  • 11737986_1039124252773610_1191743419400170019_n Welcome to breathtaking
    Atsokan Island!

    This little island is located on beautiful Rainy Lake
    in International Falls, MN.
  • 1781964_877573288928708_3610669589193835073_n  As you arrive by boat for your retreat you will begin to notice
    the small details of character and charm this little island offers.
  • 10640991_877573448928692_6273038797067556094_n With 360⁰ views like this,
    it makes the weekend seem too short.
  • 11014753_1046029478749754_2737056387032300420_n Most retreat weekends begin with a check-in
    whether on the sandy beach or in the lodge by the fireplace.

    Most retreaters will tell you that these "fire-side" chats are
    where the magic of the weekend happens
    as you discuss the importance of self-love and honoring your truth.
  • 10252130_873438512675519_3956973123325785959_n (1) Join together
    on a journey of a lifetime.

    The journey to find yourself,
    to unplug and recharge.
Atsokan Island Retreat, Rainy Lake, Minnesota
~ Come Replenish! ~

Come join us for a replenishing and enriching weekend to begin or expand your yoga practice! You will enjoy the company of good people and learn through breath and traditional yoga how to check in with your authentic self and healthy self-expression all while having a weekend retreat to remember for you on cozy, historical Atsokan Island. The itinerary beautifully balances the yoga practices, group discussion, fantastic food and unstructured personal time. Spend your free time enjoying a lovely stroll around the island, relaxing in many of the private screen porches with swinging beds, taking advantage of the beach and sauna, schedule a massage service with the on-site Relax on Rainy Massage Therapists, nap, or find your own individual space just right for reflection and a good You will leave with useful tools and a personal plan to keep you healthy and balanced long after the retreat. Come and share the company of others who understand and respect your path. Find opportunities for sharing in a supported environment and enjoy the solitude and silence required to connect with your truest self! Enjoy high quality spa and wellness services from local professionals while out on the island! Massage therapy, body treatments, Reiki, private yoga sessions and book! Essential oil therapies are all available during your stay!

To register, please complete registration form and submit to Replenish Yoga & Wellness ASAP to reserve your space.

Reservation will be on a first come first serve bases and limited to 11 people.

Reservations are only confirmed with a completed registration form and receipt of pre-payment.
  • Guest will be picked up via boat at the Atsokan Landing at 6:00 pm Thursday or Friday.
  • Guests will be returned to Atsokan Landing at 3:30 pm Sunday.

Fall: September 8-11, 2016
Love & Surrender

Come spend a beautiful, colorful Fall weekend on Rainy lake and the island as we look at the principles of yoga that direct us towards kindness, love and surrender. We will explore the Yamas and Niyamas as they relate to relationship with ourselves and others as well as the 4th Chakra – Heart Center and what it tells us about balance, love and forgiveness. It is a great weekend to check in with yourself and leave with some new understandings, techniques and wisdom about how we can invite and encourage healthier relationships into our life. The weekend will be filled with reflection, activities and relaxation that gives you a chance to really get in touch with your Self and your needs.

And how can we talk about relationships and pairings and NOT have a food and wine tasting!

Saturday night will have our annual wine and food match up that is sure to leave you full and happy!

September 2016 Options:
  • 3 day/2 nights (Friday 9/9-Sunday 9/11)   $585.00
  • 4 day/3 nights (Thursday 9/8 - Sunday 9/11)   $655.00
Click Here to Register for the Fall Retreat!

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