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Mini Retreat - Roots of Yoga with Replenish and Yoga Tree
Saturday, January 6 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Roseau City Center, 121 Center Street East, Roseau, MN
Begin the New Year with a deep dive into the history and foundation of Hatha yoga, a transformational practice in the Himalayan yoga tradition. Discover yoga’s true purpose and how this ancient practice can transform your daily living.

Retreat - Ancient Yoga for Modern Living
Thursday, February 15 – Sunday, February 18
Sugar Lake Lodge, Grand Rapids, MN
A retreat designed to provide a deeper understanding of how ancient yoga principals can be used to help us live better lives in our modern times. Featuring asana poses and “mat work,” as well as meditation techniques and more, the retreat also includes Kundalini yoga, Reiki healing and massage options. Click here to find out more.

India Retreat, 2018
Life-changing. Unforgettable. Transformational. Once-in-a-lifetime. Breath-taking. Indescribable. India is a dream destination for many yogis, but with so many choices – ashrams, teachers, regions – designing your dream voyage can be daunting. Christa has been planning a small group retreat since returning from her first trip to India in 2017. While there, she took notes – and made friends – and is now offering a truly unique excursion based on her personal experiences in this holy place. Click here to learn more.

Join guest instructor Angela Fulghum in exploring Soma Yoga at Replenish Yoga Studio in International Falls.

Friday: Soma Yoga Class: Learn a new method of relief from tension, chronic pain and exhaustion through slow, conscious movements designed to release tension deep in the body. A great way to start the weekend!
Class price = $20 (Register by October 6 for early bird pricing = $15).

Saturday: Soma Yoga Workshop: Discover Soma Yoga through lecture, discussion, and on-the-mat practice. Learn how this practice reaches deep into the body to release areas of chronic tension and re-educate the body to lessen unconscious habits of tension-holding. Please bring a full-sized bath or beach towel (No experience required).
Class price = $35 (Register by October 6 for early bird pricing = $30).

Sunday: Loving Kindness Meditation: Learn how to create and maintain an individualized meditation practice, then move into gentle asana and centering to prepare the body for stillness. Loose (or find?) yourself in a guided loving-kindness meditation practice to foster greater peace within and without.
Class price = $20 (Register by October 6 for early bird pricing = $15).


*Must be pre-registered by Oct 6th to get early-bird pricing. Bundle Fri & Sat for $40 or all 3 for $55

Hosted By Replenish Mind*Body*Spirit 

900 5th St. Room #303 Backus (Elevator access)
Instructor Angela Fulghum of Nomad Wellness


WHERE: Replenish Studio

WHEN: Sunday, October 29 from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

WHAT: We know family life is busy (that’s an understatement!), so we’ve created this special workshop to help you rediscover and reconnect. No hockey, homework, iPads or housework allowed, just each other. Strengthen the bonds that connect you – parent to child, grandparent to grandchild – while having fun in a safe, encouraging environment.

Lead by certified yoga instructor Eric Silvers, who has two young children of his own, this workshop provides time and space for you to remember the joy of play. Come in comfy clothes ready to move and laugh (hugs encouraged). We provide yoga mats and other necessary props.

WHO: All families – moms and dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents and godparents – are welcome (Children must be older than 3 to attend).

WHY: Our busy lives have made gathering around the table for dinner a rare occasion, when it used to be a fact of life. In those cases where you do come together, is everyone on their iPhone or iPad? We’ve lost some of our ability to connect with each other, which is what Family Yoga is all about. Parents will support children in poses and vice versa, for role reversals that expand our understanding of each other.

HOW: Workshop registration is $20/family.
WHERE: Replenish Studio

WHEN: Saturday, October 28 from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
WHAT: More than 36 million Americans practice yoga, and now you can learn why this ancient practice remains as popular as ever. Join Replenish for a workshop designed for the curious, without commitment, worry or stress about (perceived) lack of balance or coordination. Discover the timeless, real benefits of yoga, including: increased flexibility and strength; relief from tight or sore muscles; improved respiratory function; greater energy and vitality and much more.

Our Beginner’s Workshop gently introduces yoga basics, such as body alignment and poses, as well as breathing and centering techniques. Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely. We’ll provide yoga mats and other props as needed.

WHO: Lead by Barb Owen-Boerger [link] and Eric Silvers [link] (certified yoga instructors), this workshop is open to anyone curious about yoga.

WHY: Yoga has been around for thousands of years for a reason, the benefits are timeless and true. Experiencing a yoga class is the only way to truly understand these benefits.

HOW: Workshop registration is $30. Sign up here

Ancient Yoga For Modern Living 

February 15th-18th 2018

WHERE: Sugar Lake Lodge, Grand Rapids, MN
Nestled on the shores of Sugar Lake, the lodge epitomizes the spirit of hospitality

WHEN: February 15-18, 2018
Cloaked in snow at this time of year, Northern Minnesota inspires us to reflect on the meaning and benefit of quietness and calm, for the environment and ourselves.
WHAT: A retreat designed to provide a deeper understanding of how ancient yoga principals can be used to help us live better lives in modern times. We’ll explore all eight historical aspects of Raja, or Astanga yoga. This includes “mat time” with guided asana/poses designed for all skill levels, as well as insights on philosophy, meditation, breath work, relaxation and other techniques that encourage body, mind and spirit to find quiet and calm.
Daily asana styles explored for your mat practice
Meditation techniques
Mindfulness practices and purpose
Mantra and nada (sound) yoga
Yoga philosophy for skillful daily living on and off the mat
Yoga Nidra

THAT’S NOT ALL: At this special retreat, we also have Kundalini classes by Michele Anderson of, healing options by Reiki master Susan Weum, AND massage offerings from Kim Keating.

Yoga “newbies” who want to learn about the practice’s foundational philosophies.
Yoga masters eager for deeper knowledge, new techniques and fresh perspectives.
Individuals, groups of friends, couples and coworkers seeking a time, place and reason to thoughtfully explore what it means to be human in today’s world, and what it takes to gracefully navigate through it.

WHY: As humans, we are naturally drawn to seek balance, whether it’s work/family, self/other, calm/invigoration or other dichotomies. This balance is becoming harder to achieve as we live busier lives full of more to-do’s, tasks, expectations and meaningless distractions. This retreat is designed to hit the pause button in order to reset how we live our daily lives. You’ll return from retreat feeling refreshed, with a renewed sense of purpose, equipped with tools to help you maintain the equilibrium we all desire and deserve.
“My goal is to help stimulate your practice to allow you to move with curiosity and confidence further into your yoga practice and balance.”
-- Christa

HOW: Make your reservation today (Minimal registration required to hold event)! Pre-payment of $250 is required to confirm your reservation and is NON-REFUNDABLE. Rooms are available in single- or double-occupancy. Three-night packages include three breakfasts and two dinners.

10% off Early Bird Special for any registrations through December 30, 2017.

Shared occupancy (townhouses) - 3 nights (check in 2/15)
Private/Single room - 3 nights (check in 2/15)
Shared occupancy (townhouses) - 2 nights (check in 2/16)
Private/Single room - 2 nights (check in 2/16)

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